So I am new to this, but I’m hoping to share recipes, life and PCS hacks!

To start off with, (this is sort of a PCS hack) I am super clumsy and cut/burn myself on the regular in the kitchen…last night I burnt my thumb in the same spot twice…usually I grab my lavender oil and I’m good to go…well my lavender is still on a ship somewhere in the world…so I googled burns, and it said to use diluted vinegar…I wrapped my thumb in a water/vinegar paper towel for about an hour and it hurt…but thismorning there is no pain and the blister that had formed is gone!!

Update: three days later and the  pain never came back, the blister is gone and I have one less scar ‘for the guys at the morgue to identify the body’ (please excuse my ‘little giants’ quote!! #favoritechildhoodmovie)